Top 3 mask pickie with Boniik

A combination of good skin regime powered by benefits of masking can pamper your skin and show you results that you yourself wouldn’t believe.


Me along with The Face Shop and Boniik have brought to you top 3 masks that are a HOT PICK this season-

1. TRUE WATER Deep cotton mask

*Hydrating *Soothing *Brightening

There are days when me as a blogger has to jump between a full time job straight into launch events working more than 10-12 hours altogether . Of course you wouldn’t want to look dull in an Event, right?


I use this mask as a prep up and to give some life to my exhausted face after a day’s job. This instantly revitalizes my skin- giving it complete hydration and instant brightness. I love the fact that its loaded with goodness of Korean beauty secrets .

My face is now ready to apply a light makeup and head to my event.

Even if you apply this mask with a bright pop of lip color, I am sure you gonna shine in any party or event !


*Vitamin C and Wheat ,Celery,kohlrabi,pear and avacado


Inspired by detox juicing, you can now detox your skin with this amazing mask.This one is definitely my personal favorite and works very well with the brightening skin care regime I am on(Read my blog “Korean Beauty Secrets revealed with Boniik” to know about my current favorite skin regime)

Lots of glow, detoxification and toning up effect to your skin.


If you care so much for your skin, why not for your eyes? Sooth your eyes with the amazing Bat Eye Mask. Powered with Vitamin C and honey fermented essence , this is definitely something that you would need to prevent tiredness around eyes, reduce puffiness and tone up the skin around your eye area.


Absolutely love this one and heading to buy few more- Perhaps planning to mask on once a week for my eye area.


Picture Credits

Instagram : @bishwamberphotography 

Boniik Store:

Website here

AddressWestfield Sydney, Shop 42G, 450 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


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