Sydney Harbour bridge: Is it worth it?

929142080Sydney Harbour bridge is one of the most iconic structure in Sydney. This massive bridge is 1,149m in length and 134m in height and is the grandest engineering structure of the city.

Bish and I were very keen to do this bridge climb and when were invited to celebrate the company’s 21st birthday, we jumped out of joy.

We were told that the Express climb would take approximately 2.5 hrs of time from suiting up to getting back. The climb is not difficult as you just have to climb a series of low height stairs. Trust me , its not scary.

929142032 929142082

We started our journey on Sunday which luckily was a beautiful day for Bridge climb. The instructors were so helpful and guided us with proper suiting. The good and secure thing about the climb is that you will be clipped to the bridge all times 😊 We were divided into groups and every group was assigned to a group/hike instructor. Each member of the group was given radio sets so that we could listen to the tour guide about the history of the bridge and the nearby places of Sydney, ask questions if we have.

As we now began our decent, we were told about the history of the bridge. When its creator Paul Cave proposed about the idea of the bridge climb, he was given 60 reasons why the bridge climb was not possible. Some of the reasons were that this activity would distract the drivers below on the road, any falling piece from the bridge might cause accidents etc. After 10 years of trial, Paul was able to start this exciting opportunity and then it was open for the public.


As we began our ascent, we could see the traffic just below us. On the right, we would see the beautiful Opera House standing in its full glory against the sparkling blue waters. I could also see the Mrs Macquarie chair , though far off. Its here, half way through the bridge, that I realized (again) that I live in such a beautiful city! The view became more and more breathtaking as we approached higher up the bridge. We took many pictures, some awkward ones too with both the hands up on the air 😊

On our way we asked several questions to our group guide who patient was enough to satisfy our inquisitiveness.  Some facts were really interesting to know like there were approx 4,000 proposals on the bridge. The bridge climb has been done by several well renowned celebrities and has also served as a venue for Weddings and Media events.


No doubt that the cost is high, but when you think about the scenic view, the experience of the fast moving traffic below you, trains crossing just by your side, I am sure you would not mind giving it a go -once-at least once in your lifetime. You may worry about the cost today, but after few months and years, it’s the experience that would stay with you.


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