Nakatumble Luxury Villa, Vanuatu

Port Vila, or simply the villa as the locals call, is the capital city of Vanuatu on the Efate Island. The city of Port villa is vibrant, and the locals are warm and soulful.



If the locals are the soul of Villa, Nakatumble is heart of Port Vila. Nakatumble is an undefined luxury located approximately 30min from the city across the beautiful Tuk Tuk bay .


The name Nakatumble is derived because this Eco Resort is made up of the Nakatumble wood . This wood has its own specialty as you can figure out so many different forms and shapes on the wood that may look like a deer, or eggs or cloud or trees and Bla ..bla…So you can also call this wood as God’s canvas


Bish and I were super excited and happy to get invited for a stay here and dip ourselves in the Zen ambiance of nature


  • A big self-sustained contemporary villa all by ourselves. Oops, how can I forget we were not alone as Fourball and Stripes(the cute cat that you see in the picture below)  were our intermittent visitors.


  • A lush walk in wardrobe with a full sized mirror is anybody’s love . This was super convenient as I carried a hell lot of dresses. My absolute favorite was the bathroom with a rain shower and a standalone bath tub with tropical flowers and plantations around. Makes you feel you are taking a bath outside yet you are inside a room : Loved the setting


  • Cool in the Pool: The best part of the bedroom is that it opens up into a pool on one side and fresh greenery on the other side. Due to the private setting, Bish and I had the pool all by ourselves. The best time was to swim late evenings. We would switch off the lights and swim under the dark night sky with stars tinkling.
  • Sleep with the Ocean music. As the Tuk Tuk bay is just few meters away, allow the ocean to play the music while you rest up. The best part of my morning was to have a hot cup of Tea and sit peacefully on the bench and watch the sunrise.


  • Warm hospitality: The staff and the Guest Experience Manager, Romina would treat you like your family member. They would take care of your individual needs.
  • Good Food Good Vibes: The speciality about Nakatumble is that the food is served as per the guest’s likings. Romina is very smart and active. She talks to the guest and understands their food choice. Based on your choice, expect home cooked hygienic food with a little Vanuatu twist (tastes yum) served hot as per your convenient timing.
  • Port Villa site seeing: Site seeing travel arrangement can be done from Nakatumble on request based on the places that you want to see. Have a chat with Romina and she will be super happy to assist you.

The reason why this is possible is because the team offers limited bookings in order to ensure that each guest is catered to their needs and private space.


You have those resorts which are luxe, but each time you head outside your room, you have to be presentable, isn’t it.

But because of our own private space, Bish and I would be exactly as we would like to be – in our PJs and absolutely no formality at all.


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