Women who ends Woe


International women’s day is celebrated globally to cheer the social, political and cultural achievements of a woman. Most importantly, this day also emphasizes on gender parity and I am sure, you would get thousands of inspiring contents floating on the digital media that talks about real inspiring women across the globe.

But, let me give this day a twist. Can we talk about how these fearless, inspiring women are born, the little details that no one talks about- small yet effective ways to become the fearless woman of today – women who ends woe and women who are clear about their goals.

DSC_2427_M (1)


  1. Find yourself- It’s easy to get Lost:

With a lot of aspirations, busy lifestyle and comparisons with our colleagues, or friends, it’s very easy to lose track of what we really want to achieve. The best way to tackle this is to make a high-level goal. Now break this down by smaller tasks which would act as a stepping stone to achieve the defined goal. Each time you check these sub tasks, you would be motivated as you could see yourself approaching 1 step closer to your main goal.


  1. Relax and be thankful:

It’s often seen that people have such an urge to strive better and even better, that they sometimes fail to halt and cherish what they have achieved. Get some headspace, dedicate a minute or two, everyday to yourself, pondering on what you have achieved till date and compare yourself what you were 6 months before. This would give a sense of achievement and I am sure, this will be your building block of self-confidence, strength and self-motivation.


  1. Try something new but don’t give up:

Thinking of giving up? Why? Because you feel you can’t do it?

Don’t let others decide what you can or can’t achieve or whether you are worth it – BECAUSE I KNOW you are worth all of it. If you have a role model and if he/she can do it, I am sure you can do it too because the similarity between you both is that both are human, and your role model might have been at the same place as you at one point of time. So just hold on because you never know, you let it go off when you were just an inch away from your goal.

  1. The biggest Killer – Comparison

Well, honestly, we do it very often and it’s a natural human tendency. We stretch our limits by comparing our capabilities with our friends, or neighbors or relatives. The only outcome is we, burn ourselves loaded with stress and a lot of in-built pressure which in turn hamper our efficiency.

But let me give you a small trick to handle comparisons in a better manner.

Just think- when was the last time you were upset – Did you tell the whole world about it? No, right? You just acted normally and its then that people might have thought – “Wahoo, what a life she has”.

Hence, never judge others because you never know what one is going through.

You got to be patient and targeted towards your goals checking those sub tasks with a lot of head space and no negative comparisons. I am sure, you will soon achieve your dreams. Not many people know what they want in life. So, if you have dreamt about what you want, you are already half way through.


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