Comfort Fashion with Techi Apparel

Fashion for me is comfort and perfect fit. Techi Apparel takes care of the planet with a goal towards sustainability and providing best quality products. They are engineered to combine cotton & fleece to optimise comfort & durability.  This makes it really interesting because we all know that cotton shrinks, and team Techi understands it well to accommodate it in their sizing.

They are strict on quality control making it a premium apparel brand.

Their clothes are durable too. The pre-shrunk cuff and waist elastic makes it long lasting. Goes easy with machine wash and just perfect for cozy winters. I love that it comes with a zipper and hoodie.

They come in bundles, or you can buy them individually. I especially love the bright colours for a change 😊

Whats exciting?

With each Techi product purchase, you will receive a thankyou card. At random, you may receive a GOLDEN THANKYOU card which is one of our “giving back to the community” initiatives. The GOLDEN THANKYOU provides an opportunity to claim $500 AUD from the Techi team. If you receive a GOLDEN THANKYOU, please email at 


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