Let’s go Fiji

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Lets go Fiji




Fiji is located right in the middle of Pacific ocean. It is a group of 300+ islands with the major ones being -Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Surrounded by Vanuatu and New Caledonia to the west, Samoa and Tonga to the east and New Zealand to the south , Fiji is known for clear lagoon , coral reefs , palm lines, and I bet the friendliest people on this plant.


I am summarizing my travel itinerary and my personal views / experiences. This may help you get a guide when you plan your travel to the beautiful Fiji Islands.

Quick planners but turned out superb!

3 weeks before the travel, my husband asked me “what’s the plan for your birthday” .

I was like, “I have a super hectic work schedule and I need to relax on my birthday”.So we started looking randomly at few places not so far from Sydney,Australia and thought with 4hrs of travel time, Fiji would be the best option.

The next morning, we applied for leave at work and lol! We just had 3 weeks to plan everything. (Not a good idea, but sometimes it just clicks)

Biggest Question- Out of 330 islands, how do we know which are the best ones to visit?

Checkout the Captain cook complete video review here:

So we started researching and came across Captain Cook Cruises. This is the best cruise if you need to do Island hopping. It will take you to the best of the islands and they have a well packed itinerary making you experience the best . We always wanted to do cruising, and this was the best one to start with because we had an option to select 3 days 4 night one. This short duration would give us an idea if we really like cruising.


We also checked that if we do not do cruise and stay on the mainland, we would waste a lot of time in travel from mainland to one island and back to the mainland. Also, you would only be able to cover 1 island at one day and the travel cost would be so high. Considering the short vacation duration and to cover most of the islands, we decided to go with the captain cook cruises.


Arrival: 12:00PM

We were welcomed by the traditional Fiji song , shell garlands and fresh juice as we made our way into the cruise. Lunch was served, and our luggage was already placed in our respective cabins. We passed through the beautiful Mamanuca islands and many famous resorts. Did some snorkeling at the sand cay and went back to the cruise to watch the beautiful sunset . The dinner that night was well organized and we were allocated tables to sit with different families and know each other. It was real fun as I got to meet really interesting people all across the globe in 1 room.


The next day we woke up to a dream.Crystal blue sea and volcanic hills around .We had already reached the  idyllic Monoriki where Tom Hanks’ Castaway was filmed. We explored the Monu Island and then on the evening that day, went to a special village choral service. The villagers were very welcoming. I took out some time to talk to the locals as I was very interested in the way they make their living. That night in the cruise we had a hilarious performance by the crew members depicting Fijian Fashion Show.


Poor Bish, he woke up at 4am in the morning and decorated out cabin with balloons and crapes that he carried from Sydney. He could not get any time where he could do the decoration without me knowing. He woke me up and I was really surprised because , obviously , I did not expect any surprise in a Cruise.


We then had the shark feeding session and then headed for breakie. We visited the Sacred Island. Legends tell of the great war canoe `Rogoboka’ which landed here with the first Fijians. On arrival the ship’s crew pay tribute to the forefathers of Fijian culture and perform the Sevusevu (gift giving)ceremony.

We swam in the aquamarine lagoons and we also enjoyed snorkeling in spectacular coral gardens, beach combing or coral viewing from the glass bottom boat. I enjoyed kayaking and could literally see the sea bed- just imagine the clarity of water.

We were then headed to Waya Island and visited a local school. This was one of my best experiences. I really had some fun experience with the kids in the school and still cant forget, they scared me with a crab! Lol. We had the Pacific Island night theme that night in the cruise! Not to forget, Bish and the crew members dedicated a birthday song for me and I cut my favorite Red Velvet cake! Again unexpected , in a cruise 🙂


After breakie, we arrived at the Denarau Marina and we were sung a farewell song by the crew members.The crew members , by now had just become a family .We hugged them and a few friends who we made in the cruise.

We then headed directly to the most famous yet funny Sabeto Hot Spring and Mud pool. The natural hot spring has therapeutic properties and the natural black clay is loaded with goodness of ingredients for the skin. Completely tanned and sun burnt, we thought it’s a good idea to soak ourselves in Mud Pool. BUT NEVER did we thought, it is going to be so funny. Do not believe? Check this out-


I would definitely recommend you to take the local massage here by the Fijian village woman.We then headed to our Hotel Double Tree by Hilton where we had booked an ocean facing beauro(meaning hut) . We absolutely loved the way to the hotel because in order to reach the hotel, you had to cross a river. The ferry is super quick managed by the hotel hospitality.




The next morning we woke up really early because we wanted to do the most famous Sigatoka River Safari and trust me , this is absolutely worth it. We boarded the jet boats that slipped at such fast pace on the Sigatoka River , that I really had a Fijian blow dry. Your Mini-Coach driver will provide you with interesting information about the Sigatoka Valley or as it is otherwise known “The Salad Bowl of Fiji”.  You will absolutely love the boat ride to the village.

On arrival in the village, ladies were asked to wear sarong just to show some respect to the villagers.The captain offered KAVA (local drink made from plant root) as a part of Fijian tradition asking him permission that we visit the village. We were all then offered a sip of Kava.

The villagers had prepared local traditional food for us and we absolutely loved it . We also had an opportunity to dance with the local Fijians in their native song.

The day was hectic and we headed back to our hotel


This was our last day at Fiji and we absolutely loved the care and warmth of the people here. We decided to keep this day light. We went to the Nadi market to see the local craft and also bought some souvenirs for family and friends.I recommend to buy stuff from Jacks because it’s a big market and the prices here are appropriate. Be very careful otherwise you may end up paying more .

We came back to the hotel by arvo and then spent the rest of the day in the pool and enjoying the beautiful fire dance at night. Not to forget, the spa beside the ocean was mesmerizing and I should say , I was able to completely unwind myself for the complexities of work, daily household , Social media and day to day chores!

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