Korean Beauty Secrets NOW revealed with Boniik

You are at the right place –
1.If you are some one who tried different products and yet not happy with your skin,
2. If your skin concern is uneven skin tone, dullness
3.Age shield and radiant looking dewy skin
I have been on a battle to find the right product for my skin.I have spent dollars starting right from the top notch brand to trying those that I heard were good from the word of mouth. And now after struggling for a while, I have come to the conclusion that a proper skin product is the one –


1.That your skin adopts to easily
2. Let you skin be skin-Do not overload it with a lot of heavy ingredients (may result in breakouts)
3.Skin responds only if you make skin care as a part of your daily regime
4. That you need to be happy from inside to feel the glow and radiance that your skin emits
5.That you need not to worry a lot because I have got some superb products for you based on my personal research and trial


So my skin concern was mainly dullness, uneven skin tone . I wanted to get brightness and a radiant looking fresh face.
PRODUCTS: I have been using a combination of below 2 products as a part of my Day and Night routine loaded with the goodness of Korean beauty secrets

This is a pure brightening serum loaded with the goodness of super intense skin food suitable to target your dullness and uneven skin tone. The product is very very rich in ingrediants and so a small pump of it is enough for your complete face. You got o trust me of its moisturizing capability.
A hydrated skin is a happy skin. Once you apply the skin serum, you prep up your skin to sleep in its cocoon overnight and wake up to your fresh glowy face in the morning.


So I have been using this divine pearl cream in combination with the yehwadam serum. This duo is tremendous. Try it for 2 weeks and you will be amazed by the results. Love the smooth texture that if gives me to my upon application.

I have been using it for 3 weeks now. I feel more confident with my bare skin – confident enough to go to work bare face- Yes you heard it right 😊

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AddressWestfield Sydney, Shop 42G, 450 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Instagram : @bishwamberphotography



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Priya Tiwari says:

    Yaar you are very beautiful and sweet


  2. PanacheMania says:

    You look such a doll literally and I will definitely try these products.


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