Chuck the Valentine’s Day…


Having a day dedicated to Love is great, well…I mean really great. What better than to express your feelings for your loved ones, making them know how much they mean to you . It’s the best feeling to feel loved and let others know how much we value them.

But amidst all these hassles , I often feel that self-love is somewhere lost. We have a huge wish list, we want our bodies to look a certain way, we want to compete and succeed. There are good days and bad days, and then worse days. We sulk. We look ourselves in the mirror and whine – why does that extra inch ooze out of my crop top ☹ Why did Nella get appreciated and why not Carl give me the responsibility- I could have done better.

Well the fact is that all of us have Nella…s and Carl…s in our lives. We compare and sulk. But not anymore. This Valentine’s day lets pledge for self-love. Love ourselves- that I am my own hero-That I have come a long way from where I started. That I pat my back for doing great-I look great and I feel great. The more happy you are from inside, the more strength it gives you to push your limits.


So repeat with me- This Valentine’s Day, I pledge to love myself . I am stronger than what I think. I am capable and the road is tough. I shall make my own opportunities and convert them to the best of my knowledge. I am the best and I will continue to strive harder…not just today but every day beyond today.


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