Personalized Foundation and Lipstick with The Lip Lab


When it comes to makeup, getting that perfect match for a foundation is a must. Wearing a foundation with that does not match your skin tone can be disastrous. And what if I now say there is someone who can sit with you, understand your skin and give you a customized foundation – that’s absolutely yours-all that your skin needs !


Personalized Foundation -The Making


Personalized Lipstick-The making


I am taking of none other than the Lip lab. They specialize in not just helping you find the exact shade of the foundation but also get you a customized Lipstick that you crave for.




Choose the right pigment for yourself. They ask you several questions like what kind of effect do you want-matt or dewy? Do you want sunscreen to be added to your foundation? Do you want a shade lighter and darker? What essence do you want and things like that….

Step 2-

Once the pigments are decided , they blend these pigments in front of you.

Step 3-

They then apply the product on you and check if the match is perfect in the natural light!

The consultants are really skilled and damn patient😊

Some guidelines that can help you choose the right shade of foundation for yourself-

  1. If you are absolutely in love with an existing foundation that you are using, don’t shy to take that along with you. They will pump a bit and understand the formula-of course you can add your customization on top of it.
  2. Be sure what you makes your skin feel brighter- like do you want to go a shade brighter or the exact skin tone
  3. Dewy or matt- Totally upto you. Personally, I like the dewy look- It makes me feel radiant and hydrated
  4. Don’t forget to ask them add an SPF- It really helps especially against the sun in Australia
  5. Ensure to check the shade against the natural light to see if you are happy with the effect/coverage. The right foundation enhances your color not suppresses it !



Step 1

Choose your pigments and flavours.

Step 2

Blend your own(BYO) pigments. These pigments and flavours are then heated , cooled in the state of art Lipstick mould

Step 3

Your lip shade is ready

Some guidelines that can help you choose the right lipstick-

  1. Choose a color that goes with your skin tone. Lip shade should illuminate your face-or rather , make a tired face lighted up !
  2. Do not hesitate to ask the consultants their for what they feel would be a right shade for you.
  3. Experiment a lot- The consultants there are so patient- I got my shade blended twice or thrice until I was happy
  4. Nude to Bright- choice is yours.
  5. Matt or gloss depends on whether you want  a day or a night lipwear
  6. Magenta is one color that goes with every skin tone!


Photo Credits-

Thanks to me to somehow manage taking some selfies and few random people out there 🙂

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