A Girl with her yellow flats- Mochiis


Fashion is most about comfort. If you carry yourself with confidence and comfort, you are sure to leave a mark. When it comes to footwear, I am very very careful . A bad foot or a foot blister-hurts and trust me the uncomforted zone is terrible.


I somehow relate to Mochiis- A contemporary Indian design but with a modern outlook. After a month of wearing Mochiis footwear , I promote it not just for its style and class, but because of the comfort that it provides to my tired foot. Well ! A blogger is always on toes and only another blogger could relate to it …. (Laughter)


These are some of the different looks that I created wearing my Mochiis. Get creative and enjoy the feed! Make sure to message me you favourite Mochiis look !

The Girl Boss –

Pairing it with beautiful slim” A liners ” is my sorted work wear look. Play around with the contrasts and let the magic spill!



The Flirtatious –


Keeping it casual and happy, this girl can now head to lunch date with her girlies , or on a brunch to sooth her buds. The most comfortable yet classy look that you can create.

The Glam – Trying to fit in my Mochiis with a beautiful Net dress . These net dresses with a touch of contemporary footies add a class to your overall attire.


One Comment Add yours

  1. PanacheMania says:

    Love all the looks you created!!! You are such a glam diva.


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