Revive Clinic – Meditation or a facial session?


Did I just come back from a meditation or a facial session? Well the sentence speaks it all for the experience I had at Revive Clinic.

The First Impression-

DSC_8552 - Copy

Cute little place – well organized and on time for appointment. The facial bed was well done and waited my presence 😊

Who is a skin therapist?

Well, a good question to respond to. If I had to answer it, it would be someone who doesn’t just understand skin but also caters to the specific skin needs as per the changing season with complete knowledge on accurate pressure points.

Not many people are lucky but if you are under the hands of Hypatia ,you are definitely going to see a lot of difference in the way you are getting a treatment. Hypatia knows her job well.She exactly knew what my skin requirements are and what my skin would need as a part of he treatment.

So after some analysis , she explained that we are going for a “Pick Me up Facial”.

The Procedure – Good or Okay or bad?

There are 3 important things to highlight here-

  1. I had never seen a skin Clinique which would apply different facemasks to the different areas of the face .

My T-ZONE – was induced with “Papaya” exfoliant,

Cheeks – for “Pores” and ,

Forehead,Lips and eye lids – with “Hydrating oxygen Mask”

This is such a perfect approach to only feed your skin with what it needs

  1. Easily ignored areas like lips, eyelids were given equal attention
  2. While Hypatia was giving me a massage, I was also given few tips to follow before I meet her for the next session.(I will discuss this shortly as you read below) and she also asked me to breath from the tummy and exhale out. Appropriate pressure points were applied and I was literally going through a meditation too while I was having a facial done. Hypatia made sure that I feel relaxed because she knew I work 24*7 – Handling a full time job and blogging is not easy-you need to trust me on that 😊


  1. Step 1- Cleanse the face with Gelee – It contains active soy beans to detoxify the skin
  2. Step 2- Micro-Exfoliant – This has enzymes to deeply soften the dead skin cells while Jojoba and Aloe Vera deeply hydrates the skin


3. Step 3-AHA peel with charoonay grape and algae extract was now applied.It had a             tickling sensation which immediately reduced

DSC_8557 - Copy

  1. Step 4- Different masks on the face –

My T-ZONE – was induced with “Papaya” exfoliant,

        Cheeks – for “Pores” and ,

         Forehead,Lips and eye lids – with “Hydrating oxygen Mask”

  1. Step 5- Scalp Massage-

While the face packs dried out, Hypatia gave a a quick scalp massage with suitable pressure points. I was already half asleep.

6.Step 6- A happy me with a happy glowing face. I could actually see my face glowing just after 1 session.

DSC_8616_ppHypatia explained that having a good skin is like joining a gym and working towards it.A facial treatment or just good skin care products do not help. It’s the entire lifestyle that has an effect on your skin. So I have been given few GOALS that I need to follow before I head for the next appointment-

Goal Setting-

  1. Drink lots of water- Atlease few glasses of water infused with Cucumber,Mint,or,Lemon/Lime
  2. Drink Cammomile at night
  3. Mindful breathing – i.e, inhale deep from your tummy and gradually exhale out
  4. Download an app “Relax Melodies” for deep sleep and improving the sleep pattern


These are few simple tips that I am definitely going to follow for a month prior to my next appointment. I am really and genuinely very very happy with the service and I have decided to make Hypatia my lifetime skin therapist.


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