Look book with Pachacolours


Style is versatility- I am a person who would reuse my wardrobe in multiple ways that I can – well that’s playing with my creativity and I enjoy doing it 😊 So I have closely worked with Pachacolours and created different looks with the same piece of accessories – I hope  to inspire atleast a few of you to be imaginative in your style journey-

About the company-

Pachacolours designs is an accessories brand inspired in the women’s essence; offering the best fashion alternative and generating a unique shopping experience. With innovative products, from high-quality materials at affordable prices, they endeavor to make you feel good and excel in any occasion reflecting all your femininity and sensuality every day or any occasion of the year

1.Red Hoop Earring

You can buy them from here

This Hoop earring is perfect for a day date with friends or to sway those formal meeting at work.


Look 1-


I have teamed a simple linen dress to these gorgeous red hoops. Red and white go so well together. Played around with my hair over a loose bun and letting the rest of the tresses fall straight flat- Comfy and elegant


Look 2-

Trying to swag the boring office by adding a glamour to my corporate attire. A black striped shirt with freshly flowing tresses add to the glamour


2.Colifor Drop Earrings-

You can buy them from here 


I love the details in these earrings.


These drop earrings sets me into a tribal nomadic look and hence tamed this mood into the same linen dress with a jazzy bright and short jacket .The dress compliments with these coliflor earrings so well – sassy and bright -what do you think ?

3.Green Gypsy tassels

You can buy them from here.

I love the fresh spring color in the tassels.

Look1 –


An ethnic indian skirt and a gotta blouse is the first thing that came in my mind to contrast my indian mains with these modern tassels.


A perfect look for a friend’s wedding or a day tour around Sydney?? What do you think?

Look 2-


The same tassels gives me an edgy look when I am at work and sorting the agenda for the day. The crisp feature that these tassels add to my look makes my daily work a glamorous affair.





Do not forget to check out thePachaColours earthy collection up and running at-


Picture Credits

Instagram : @bishwamberphotography



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