Milky Foot Review


Who doesn’t love pampering? Especially at the comfort of your home !! I am in a constant turmoil trying to balance between work, home and blogging. So when Milky Foot approached with their in-home pedicure, I was super excited to try it. The fact that I can still do my work while sitting with these cute little pedicure socks doing their wonders, thrilled me.

What is Milky Foot?


This luxuries in-home pedicure comes with these cute little socks as per your foot size. The treatment within these socks comes in contact with the feet-sole, sides , Toes and heels  – and does all the wonders.The intense peeling effect takes place after 3-4 days completely peeling off the upper layer of your foot and you will find the soft , fresh skin peeping from within.


My Experience-

So it was a Sunday morning and I had lot of pending office work to finish off before the deadly week to begin again. I thought let’s get the multitasking done- while I take care of my work, Milky foot would take care of my tired foot!


So I picked up the Milky foot and read the instructions. I had to remove any nail polish that I had applied before(as per the instructions). So with nails all clean and high expectations, I wore the treatment socks and I left them for 45 min. I utilized these 45 min of time winding off a lot of my corporate stuff. After 45 min, I just removed the socks, gave a little massage to my foot(optional) and washed off my foot. I could not see any difference. The product says to be patient for 4-5 days to see the actual peeling process.

The next morning, when I woke up , I was impatient and again peeped into my foot with curiosity, lol, no difference! At the end of the 3rd day, I saw a little white flaky skin appearing on my sole and I was so happy. Milky foot started its action.So the 4th day was terrific.I wore socks to my work and when I returned back and removed my socks, I could see my skin peeling off just like you peel a vegetable’s skin with a peeler.The skin within was so soft and fresh.


I took out the newspaper and patiently removed all the skin hanging around and shouting action! You wont believe that my foot felt so fresh and smooth after the treatment 😊I was on top of the world and just to compliment my foot, I applied a beautiful Red paint from OPI.

If I have to put my experience in a 1 liner , I would say- “ Get it today and try yourself to see the results. “

Advice – Wear socks when you find that the peeling action has begun-you do not want your dead hardened skin falling here and there in bits and pieces.


I strongly recommend this product and I hope you enjoy it too.

Please share your experience and I would love to hear it.

You can buy Milky foot from here, here



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