Surprize your girl!


Last few days have been no less than a fairy tale – Sunny, beautiful, pleasing and surprising. A perfect Birthday celebration and I would go gala over my darling husband for letting me live a life full of imagination and fiction!

So it was my birthday on the 3rd of September (Sunday). I usually have a very hectic life juggling between work, blogging, home and what not. I wanted a break where I do absolutely nothing and hence asked my husband if we could go to the Hunter Valley and just relax. It’s a beautiful country side with lush greenery and famous for its countless wineries- closely resembles Tuscany !


It’s a 120Km drive to the north of Sydney and you will just love the drive through beautiful landscape and breathtaking creeks. We started from Sydney -Early morning of the Saturday –around 9:00 ish (2nd September) and reached Hunter Valley at around 12:30PM. We had our accommodation at one of the most serene places at the Hunter valley..

I was mesmerized by the beauty of the resort- beautiful miniature horses, pond and greenery. So I immediately planned of just going and relaxing around the pond inside the resort. But my husband stated that we just have 0.5 hr to complete our lunch .I had no clue of what this was leading to. We rushed in for our lunch and immediately drove for about 20min to an Adventure spot famous for Horse Riding. Its called “The Adventure Centre Hunter Valley” located at the Hunter Valley Resort.

I was amazed. I love horses and my husband gave me the first surprise – Horse Riding. I really enjoyed the ride through the lush green mountains and beautiful lakes with kangaroos playing around here and there .


After the horse ride, I literally danced like a small kid and we were again in our car driving to some unknown destination. I saw my husband parking the car at the Crown Plaza which had an amazing swimming pool. So we went in and then he re-directed me to “UBIKA”- The luxury spa inside the most luxurious Crown Plaza. I was like – “Really” – he said – this is another thoughtful surprise as I thought you would be tired from the horse riding. He had booked my appointment 2 weeks in advance!

So I had the most of the pampering time at the spa and I was already on top of the world. I thanked my husband for being so thoughtful and I really appreciated him of being so well planned about the Saturday. We had an amazing fine dining that night at the “ Leaves and Fishes”. You gotta try them.They have an amazing cross-over. I,then asked my husband – “I feel like it’s my birthday today. We did everything on Saturday . Wouldn’t my birthday (Sunday) be just quiet and normal.

He gave a witty reply – “You would be well dressed tomorrow and it wouldn’t be a great idea to horse ride with a dress on and get messy with the spa oil. We also need to return back to Sydney on the Sunday.”

I completely understood his point and I had no complaints. I was dead tired by now and as soon as we returned back to our resort, I dozed off. My husband woke me up at 12’0 clock and my parents called me up on Skype. All four of us cut the cake together. These were cute little jewellery and butterfly cake designed by Black Velvet, Sydney. 


The next morning, I woke up late already feeling pampered. This is my beautiful Spring inspired dress that I picked up- perfect for the Birthday and for the newly approached Spring.


unnamed (2)

So all dressed up and after a nice heavy breakie, my husband took me to a drive to the untamed country side (At least that’s what he told me ). I was mentally prepared to have a beautiful drive, grab a nice Lunch at the Emerson’s Cafe and head back to Sydney to have dinner with our close friends.


But hold on, there was twist. I saw my husband suddenly taking a turn and parking our car at the Hunter Valley Airport. He said- I brought you to take a view of the countryside- But not through the roads but via the helicopter. I couldn’t believe my ears. ARE WE REALLY DOING THIS?

I jumped with excitement. He had booked the appointment well in advance with The Slattery Helicopter ride and we were exactly on time. My pilot Tom was amazing and he made us fly over the beautiful country side, lakes , olive trees and the beauty that I never imagined. This is definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life and probably one of the best birthdays.

Post the helicopter ride, we had a good lunch at the Emerson’s café, drove back to Sydney and caught up with our friends to a nice restaurant .Last but not the least, I got several countless Birthday wishes through my Instagram tribe and Facebook friends which made me feel so damn special.

I hope this birthday never ended .Still in the birthday hangover :O




Outfit Details:

The Frock  from H&M


Apologies for such poor pictures.These are mostly selfies and no proper shoot as the day was filled with surprises 🙂

This time its me as well.

Instagram : @bishwamberphotography




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