Aspect Skin – Travel Kit Review


I have always been very cautious about my skin. Hence I am always skeptical about choosing the right product – a product that isn’t too harsh for the skin and also takes care of the skin essentials.

When Aspect Skin approached me for a review on their Skin range , I was skeptical and made sure that I do not write any reviews until and unless I have tried these products personally for at least a month. And guess what after a month– My  skin feels clearer and brighter – thanks to the well crafted Basic Starter kit to keep my skin in premium conditions.


Aspect skin Starter kit is great as a travel companion too- so handy and you wouldn’t have any excuses to miss out on your skin regime.

So this kit contains-


  1. Purastat 5, 30 ml – I have been using this cleanser for a month now and my skin starts to feel so soft right after the wash. Purastat 5 is a one -of-a-kind cleansing formula that purifies the skin by removing embedded dirt, makeup, excess oil and damaging pollutants. It restores hydration and protects the skin from the environmental aggression with 7 calming botanical ingredients
  2. Extreme C 20 ,15ml – The next step is to give my skin a boost of Vitamin C. Brighter skin is just this serum away! I feel that this serum has helped me tackle the problem of brown spots and I am totally in love with the antioxidant boost my skin gets treated with!


  1. Exfol 15, 15 ml – This is my night serum. The serum helps to gently lift away the excess accumulation of dull, devitalized skin cells bringing to life a clearer and fresher you!


  1. Phtostat 9, 15g – Well, this is my favorite one. This 4-in -1 moisturizer hydrates the skin and works as per you skin needs to give you a radiant and brighter look. Personally, for me this product has done wonders – My skin feels so hydrated and soft every single morning when I wake up.I have been using this morning and night.


So making my skin care regime easier for you-


Purastat 5> Extreme C 20> Phtostat 9>Sunscream (VERY IMPORTANT)

Night –

Purastat 5> Extreme C 20> Exfol 15>Phtostat 9



Instagram : @bishwamberphotography

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