14° C


The weather has been confusing. Some times the day demands you to snuggle up in layers while the latter half would make you feel too warm and return back to your basics.

While I am enjoying this transition from the warm breeze to the cool shudder, I am still under a constant turmoil with my wardrobe. Some mornings are usual- sunny and bright – and I am on my work casuals. While the evenings see me loaded in heaps of layers (if I do not forget to carry them to work).Lets go through more!


The landscape has been confusing too .Some places witness the trees painting the skylines with rich reds and gleaming golds of seasonally changing leaves while others witness solely barren inhabitant eagerly waiting for the young leaves to crop in.

Learning the hard way to deal with these transitions and yet keeping my personal wear stylish, I have come up with some easy to go tricks to cope up with the transitioning weather –

  1. Cape Jackets – Oh! They are my savior. They are chic-winter statement. The cover you yet uncover you at the same time – just like the transitioning weather we are going through. This iconic cape jacket is simply superb and for those who want to add a little sheen to their look can hot pick this ASOS cape Jacket.


  1. Layering – Layer yourself with skivvies, knit wears, pullovers /overcoats, scarfs which over combination suits you. Play around the permutations as the day makes you feel. My personal style is a completely black outfit with this contrasting H&M scarf to pop up my look.


  1. Wide leg trousers and skirts with stockings can help. While the trousers keep you covered, the Misguided wide leg trouser cut makes you feel cool too. Stockings can be an on/off as and when the weather plays with you.
  1. Or, Keep it simple by simply putting on a knit dress .Bell sleeves are on this season and you may wish to try the Seed Bell sleeved dress to throw you class apart.

How do you like some of my ideas? Keep exploring!

Outfit Details:

Cape Jacket – Sportsgirl

Wide legged Trousers – Portmans

Sandals – Atmosphere


Instagram : @bishwamberphotography



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  1. Love the outfit, you look stunning hun x


    1. Thanks so much wonderful girl ❤

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  2. Krunal parmar says:



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