6 hot frame picks for 2017

Are you fun? Do you have the creative instinct?  Are you one among those who has the professional start to the day and end up showing your fun side? If yes, welcome to the world of Mujosh.

A brand which comes up with the most professional yet stylish curated sunnies and frames. This brand has the dedicated attitude of combining unique elements and style inspiring generations to think and also look – “Out of the Box”

What I personally like about Mujosh is that it suits everybody’s personality. The frames are so high in quality beating the upcoming sunglass and frame trends and quality for 2017. The designs are so dynamic that the same glares can be worn to work and can also be used to catch up with friends on coffee.

Me, along with Mujosh Sydney, have come up with 6 Hot Picks of frame and sunglasses that are “so much IN” 2017-

  1. Watch the nineties look like the seventies-DSC_8067

They are my personal favorite.  They have the frame shapes nodding to the ‘70s, and over sized frames channeling the ‘90s look. They are retro and yet so cheeky. Easy to be worn to work or if you want to hide behind when you’re suffering the morning after the night before.



  1. The Conservative fiesta-(black frame)


These frames makes you look like a steampunk rather than the typical-bookish look. A must have pair – The benefit is wearing this one casually too with a loose white T, tracks and half sleeve casual jackets – Just imagine the look!!



  1. Hexagon done right-


These hexagon sunglasses are so much in. From the polished prom to the after party, it’s your friend you can trust on. Those polishes hexagonal edges gives that additional oomph to your personality.



  1. The Gravity Black –


This is a perfect fusion between the classic style and the big shot appearance. Add it to a basic dress to give you that chill effect. The shape of the aviators have been changing over time and this one is the perfect shape shouting 2017.



  1. I look like you look- 

Love this concept. Beyond your ordinary fashion statement, this frame simply takes the easy colors of the surrounding. A slight blue tinge in the sunnies does wonders to add that style in your overall look.

DSC_8090_pp (1)


  1. The charmer-

These are one hell of perfectly storming sunnies. The cheeky look brings a spark to your face and the elegance floats you to capacity. I personally like this one because they make my face look so bright even after a long day hiding my tiredness and yet making me look spunky.



Mujosh Sydney

Westfield Sydney

Address: Pitt St & Market St, Sydney NSW 2000

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Mujosh-Sydney-279859015799848/


Contest Alert :

7 lucky winners can win any one of the below – A pair of Sunnies as per your choice (choose your favorite from my look – link in my bio), a pair of frame, or one of 5 chic pouches

DETAILS to enter-

  1. Find the GIVEAWAY IG pic at @sydneyfashionlife and like that IG pic
  2. Follow @sydneyfashionlife , @mujosh_sydney , @bishwamberphotography
  3. DM or comment below “which out of my 6 hot picks of frames and sunnies was your personal favourite and why?”
  4. Tag as many friends as you like who would be interested to enter this contest – Each tag gets you 1 unique entry to the contest



  1. Contest open only for SYDNEY
  2. Contest closes on 23rd June , 2017
  3. 7 lucky winners would be contacted via DM on 25th June , 2017
  4. Winners will have to collect their GIVEAWAY from Mujosh Store located at Westfield Sydney Pitt St mall on or before July 16th , 2017


Mujosh Sydney – @mujosh_sydney , @mujosh_official

Instagram : @bishwamberphotography



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