Chai Time…


This week hasn’t been going great. Lot of things had to get sorted. Finally got a job in Australia and the days have been really busy trying to fit in to the new role, meeting new people , learning new names , learning new products ,adjusting to the cultural gap and so on and so forth. But do you know amidst all the big changes happening in my life, what really keeps me going?


It’s that little cup of magical Chai that does all the wonders. Let me put it this way –Me and my chai are closely connected. This is the first thing I crave for in the mornings. Not a healthy choice though J In it’s accurate consistency – more of milk and negligible or no water,  a spoonful of brown sugar and really strong tea leaves, it has the biggest power in the world.



When the smoky rich aroma hits my nostril, it arouses my senses .With a cup of tea in my hand and the fresh air gushing through my balcony, this girl now starts to plan her day trying to put in series of events one after the other and finally realizing that time is never enough to accommodate everything together.


After a hard day at work (still figuring out people, places, products and sometimes getting lost in my own floor  ), when I come back home, my chai comes to my rescue. Now, mind you! This is my time-my own time where there is no rush, no one’s interruption. I like to spend this time only with me.

So again, I have a favourite spot in my balcony near the fresh blooming purple flowers where I become a philosopher. Sometimes staring at the skyscrapers and thinking how far we have landed – away from family and close ones. Funny though, the same skyscrapers sometimes become an inspiration asking me to give my best every day and staying tall. And when I enter into this philosophical mood and blabber few philosophical sentences in a flow of mood and emotions , they seem very funny to my husband (who has by now understood how important this time is to me and that I would not want him to intervene when I am meeting myself ) .


We all have that favourite time during our day which is “My Time”. It gives us the personal space and a way to connect to ourselves. I would like all of you guys to give that time to you, no matter how much busy your day may be. Staying connected to yourself is important and “My Time” does that wonders …


Outfit Details:

Maxi Dress – H&M

Teamed with Casual white shoes 🙂


Instagram : @bishwamberphotography

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  1. PanacheMania says:

    Couldn’t agree any more and only if you are fresh and invigorated, you can accomplish other tasks in life. Life your spurt and your bubbly nature. Keep inspiring.


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