The missing sunshine…


You have everything in life that is needed to say that your life is a big hit. People may envy you, your lifestyle, your friends and your family may be the best. Every single day you are striving hard to accomplish the priorities that you have set for your life.

In spite of all the above, have you pondered , sometimes why do you have that unusual feeling of emptiness? What’s stopping you from being happy? These feelings may be intermittent, but they strike every one of us some day or the other. I am no exception and thought about few reasons that can keep us going in these situations –


Striving too hard to achieve our goals: Being competitive is great BUT hold on!!! We are humans too. Take it easy. Do not hold on to things to such an extent that may hamper your life. Life is not so complicated than we make it. It’s good to sometimes just relax and play your favorite tune on the piano.

Comparisons: Yes, we do it often. We stretch our capabilities just to match with our friend or neighbors or colleagues. Here’s a thing. We often feel other’s life is great and happening. Just think – the last time when you were upset, did you let the whole world know about it? No, right. You just acted normally and others may have thought your life to be great and happy. Hence, you can never judge what one is going through or how happy and peaceful one’s life is. Instead, we should invest to constantly improve our life and make it more peaceful.


Insecurity: Sometimes we may feel very insecure about our position or relationship. I would just say let it go. If you mean something to the person, he/she will come back to you. What you have got and what you will get is the best. Do not let your self-belief to die off. This is your biggest weapon to ignite your great dreams. You are an achiever and you will achieve. Jot down all small and big things that has made you smile at the end of each day, Read them when you are upset . You will feel how blessed you are.

Monotony: Another monster to kill your mood. Routine life is good but it’s greatly advisable to break the monotony. Find time and space for yourself. Involve in things that you love doing. Explore!!! Innovate- before it’s too late.


Outfit Details:

Shoulder Ruffle – TEMT

Shorts – Calvin Klein

Shoes : Nike


Instagram : @bishwamberphotography

3 Comments Add yours

  1. anjage says:

    Yeah, I do have this weird feeling of emptiness every now and than. My main enemy is monotony. I hate the feeling like I do not move on with my life and get stuck on some repetitiveness…
    Thanks for sharing. You look gorgeous btw, 😉


    1. Hi Anjage,
      Thankyou so much for going through my blog.Means a lot.
      Yes “Monotony” kills and we should try our level best to keep ourselves busy. Life is a huge playground- lets try playing different games 🙂

      We win, we loose- but at least we are satisfied that we are trying something new and different.

      Went through you blog! you are just too good 🙂



  2. PanacheMania says:

    You have picked such an important topic that is mostly untouched in our society and we prefer not to talk about it. A perfect initiation. Breaking monotony is so important to stay happy in life.


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