Reuse your wardrobe!…

One of the usual things that happens to me while getting ready is that I am absolutely clueless as to what I should wear. My wardrobe is full of heaps of clothes, still I need to juggle around with the best find. Sometimes it also feels so boring to repeat over the clothing line.

If you can identify yourself with me, it’s time to recreate. Adding those additional props can give a new lease of life to your attire. Correct innovation can help you reuse your attire in different occasions. A casual sun dress can be work for catching up with friends and trust me, you can use the same casual piece for a formal event – IF CORRECTLY INNOVATED.

Can’t believe. Scroll below to see how I played with my same Basics to create 2 different looks .Hope you like it–


  1. LOOK 1 – The Girl Next Door

A basic short dress, cascaded hair and glossy lips teamed with a basic shoe – a perfect look on a casual relaxing day. I have kept the look to be very simple.

Face – A minimal base is done. Applied a winked eyeliner to give a classic look. Lots of mascara to open up your eyes and a soothing bust of orange gloss to give you that perfect summer face. Did not apply a kohl – wanted the look to be minimal and yet catchy.

Hair – Freshly washed and conditioned. I personally don’t like the blow dry as the heat damages the hair. Instead get a nice protein cream to remove any frizz. Embellished my hair with a pretty golden hairband to give me that princess feel !


The Dress – Pick up any basic dress which suits your body type. Note – Following a fashion trend is great, but only at the cost of your personal style and body type.

Accessory – Minimal- just a piece of small earrings would do – Wanted to keep this look very clean. However, it’s your personal choice to add in any girlie neck piece to accentuate your dress. Do not forget a cute handbag or a summer bag and your pair of sunnies.


Footwear – Pick any casual show that would go with your dress. I loved to team my basics with a casual white comfy shoes.

Lastly, a sweet smelling perfume to make you feel fresh and happy. Great to catch up with friends on lunch or movie. Casual…cool and yet stylish!!!



Heading for a presentation or simply a day at work!!! That’s all right. Slight modifications and you are all set to bag the look.

Face – The base is kept the same. Just added a plush pink blush and this time added the kohl to give my eyes that extra definition. It makes you look sharp – I guess required in a corporate environment ! Added a bold pink lip shade to accentuate my lips and the overall face.


Hair – Wanted my hair to look neat and tidy in a formal environment. You could just add a neatly done bun or simply a tight ponytail with a nice formal band. In order to give that extra oomph, side braided my hair – Oh! I swear by the side braids – saves me on a bad hair day too !


The Dress – Now here is the trick. Add a formal blazer or a peplum jacket. You will instantly feel how your look changes. Makes you formal yet so elegant. Pick an overcoat / jacket of your color choice.

Accessory – I would personally like to carry a large handbag with this look. Big enough to accommodate my lappi , charger and over the day essentials. And yes, spectacles do look great …


Footwear- I personally feel a little bit of heels adds to your personality. If you are not a heel person, start with block heels. They are great! Also, weird but a fact – Never wear heels while travel to work – always carry a comfortable ballerina / pump shoes during travel. Change only inside your workplace. Heels are not good when you have to walk a lot on rough, uneven surface.


Lastly, smile – this is your biggest accessory to accentuate your look. Spray your favorite sweet perfume and you are ready to go!

Hope you like the read. DM me and I would love to see how best you re-created your looks

Till then- Stay wao !

Outfit Details:

Basics: H&M

Jacket: Witchery

Block Heels: H&M

Shoes: Dotti


Instagram: @bishwamberphotography


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