BONIIK – My Top Korean Product Pick


I have always been jealous of Korean skin. I mean, when I walk on the streets, their glossy , bright skin always makes me wonder, I wish I had half a percent of Korean skin.

So that’s the reason when I got a collaboration email from BONIIK, I was super excited because they are supposed to be the shop destination all products Korean.

Recently I have tried few of their products, and the 1 product which has now become dear to me out of so many, has to definitely be “KLAVUU” range.

What makes Klavuu so special?

This is Korea’s 1st cosmetic brand which combines the goodness of Marine plant extracts and pearl essential oils extracts.


Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing facial cleaning Foam

If you are looking for first thing hydration in the morning or a boost of moisture before bed, the Klavuu facewash is the best recommendation.

Just a pea amount and it cleans up the face so well , I mean genuinely, leaving the skin hydrated and plump. This is because the natural pearls enrich, hydrate and firm the skin for the most radiant complexion.

I have personally started using this as my night time routine when you want to go to your beauty nap in the most hydrated and clean condition.

This is because a maximum of the skin repair happens at night.

You can buy this from here .

MRP: $55

Have you heard about Klavuu Masks and how differently you can use them?

Further amplifying the goodness of marine plant extracts and pearls, is to have the Bi-weekly in-home skin treatment with either:

  1. White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Serum Mask-

Particularly a fan of this one. Amazing for all skin types, this face mask gives such deep hydration and a pearl shine.

I would recommend to use thus face mask at night and I bet you will wake up to a much dewy, pearly gloss the next morning.


  1. Blue Pearlsation Marine Collagen Aqua Mask –

If you have a bad dehydrated skin day, or imagine one of those days, where you no matter do what, you look charmless because of tired skin.

This mask will come to your rescue to re-energize your tires skin making you look and feel dewy


2 ways of using Face masks:

  1. Either use it at night just before bed to relax your skin for the entire 8 hours. This will help skin to repair and replenish better
  2. Or, use it as a pre-makeup routine. I sometimes use face masks to hydrate and plump my skin before applying makeup.

The plumper your skin is, the more natural and flawless your makeup would look


Also, a great news,  now opens its online store so you can shop these amazing products at the comfort of your home.


Picture Credits

Instagram : @bishphotography 



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