My 5 Rules on being a Blogstar!

Another exciting year ahead. If I had to recap my last year, it was a mixed berry pot. Some berries being just the right taste while others being sour .None the less, all these berries are dear to me because with every berry, I had a taste- a taste of learning.


I have never done this before, but because off late I have been asked about some tips on blogging, I thought let me share my side of experience because obviously I am not an expert and I have a long way to go. I have observed that most of these questions were NOT directed towards how to get started with a blog or an Instagram blogger account. These are more towards how to grow in your blogging profession, does and don’ts that nobody talks about, collaborations, what to expect from collaborations etc etc etc.

Rule No 1: Fuel to growth

Consistency is the key to success. The only fuel behind my consistency towards growing my brand “sydneyfashionlife” is passion. Do not start blogging because you saw some X,Y ,or Z do it . The only driver to perform better with your content should be YOU. I know sometimes it’s so difficult to get swayed by others content, comparison is a natural instinct. But that wouldn’t help you much especially in this area because this field demands a lot of CREATIVITY and creativity demands a free mind topped with passion.

Rule No 2: Have Patience- Its not an easy task

Well, if you are planning to get started, let me tell you-Blogging isn’t an easy task. Why-

  1. Take xxxx number of shots to get that 1 shot right and then the Instagram algorithm may screw you- FRUSssssssttttrating

Lol! Extreme Left: Just getting the right shot, but hair BOMBED

Mid : But wait, let me adjust my earrings

Right : Argg!These stilettos ..



3. Outfit Change:

Well, I usually have my bag back ready and try to cover 3-4 brands on 1 shoot day. Honestly its very hectic but if the end goal gets you the right profile , the satisfaction is way beyond.So be smart- save some time for yourself 🙂

Rule No 3: What brand should I collaborate with?

“Define your personal vision”

DSC_1827 - Copy

Well this has come with some self learning and correct guidance. I will be very honest here. Initially when I started blogging, I had no clue what my collaborations should look like. So initially, my collaborations have been very haphazard. Then one day with some self-realization and correct guidance from my husband and my blogger friend, I analysed my collaborations and said- Nah Nah-It’s a bummer. I have something in my mind for my brand and should be very selective in some quality collaborations ONLY. Brands I can relate to and would in turn add value to my brand. Its then, that  I started rejecting collaborations which did not suit my Brand. Honestly I rejected 4 collaborations just the last week. Outcome:

  1. I get more time to plan my content, shoot and the way I want to portray the brand
  2. I don’t miss on Instagram post schedule
  3. My creativity booms because I am no more under a pressure
  4. One quality collaboration gives you more exposure than 50 non-quality collaborations. Now I am no one to define what’s a quality collab versus non-quality collab. This is subject to your personal choice and the vision of your brand.

Be smart to choose what brands can in turn benefit your brand. Last  year has been great for me personally . While all the brands I worked with are just like my baby, I have honestly gained a lot of exposure last year by working with brands like Dyson , Bobbi Brown , Price line Pharmacy, L’Oreal , Neutrogena, Jurlique to name a few—hold on I think my list with go on and on because I have just realized I can’t pick some out of all the collaborations done so far.

Rule no 4: F**K the Bitches

In my exposure to Instagram, I have met hell lot of personalities. Some are so positively haloed that you feel like sticking to them. While others, ah! Don’t even ask. While you enjoy the public attention, there is always a scope of creepiness- sometimes because of your own in-security, comparisons etc and sometimes because of those rattles. So long story short, I have met with the following type of audience in my tenure:

  1. One who are your genuine liker and motivators
  2. One who stalks you but doesn’t follow you
  3. One who follows you to attack you
  4. One who spreads hate on you


So if you come across any such personalities, enjoy the moment because Babieee, it’s your time and someone out there is …. sssshhhHHHHH….

On the other hand, you will also get people who become your buddies like I have got few blogger friends very very close to me now-Thanks to the Instagram!

Rule No 5: Content


Roll you ass and get some angles in action. Never be scared to experiment. Play with you angles, how about wide angle photography next time or may be a soft zoom. Get in some variety to keep your Instagram and blog interesting.

There’s also 1 most commonly heard topic here- What pre-sets should I use, what my filters should be? Honestly if you ask me, my Instagram doesn’t have a uniform theme – WHY? Simply because I am not a fan of it. They say it makes your Instagram look cosmetics. But my thinking is, every picture demands a different filter because of the light, ambiance, outfit details etc. My content has to compete with XXX number of contents out there. If a certain kind of filter can enhance my content even more, why should I think about uniformity? I may be wrong here but again it’s your personal choice and the way you want to portray your handle. Of course, once you can get in a visitor into your Instagram , uniform filters might play an important role to show case the uniformity in your content. But for me, it the “BEFORE” action that matters- i.e, dragging a visitor to your profile by fighting with XXX content out there.

Now this belief of mine, might change over time , not sure. But this is what I am with at this point in time 😊

At the end, I would just like to say – Never stop experimenting. There are good times and bad times.  Play with your dice to roll it to the right spot. Have some fun and don’t take it toooooo seriously because if you don’t take it seriously, it opens some new doors of creativity.

Picture Credits

Instagram : @bishphotography 


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    Awesomeeeee… Very well written!!!


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