Skin retreat with Thankyou – A Product review

Thankyou is a unique social brand pledging to help people in need. 100% of the profit goes in empowering everyday to change the world through simple choices in everyday life.Yes you heard it right, 100%.
I am proud to be a Thankyou ambassador
What’s unique is that every Thankyou product has a unique tracking ID. You can input this tracking ID to the special Thankyou App where in you can Measure your Impact – i.e., which project would be using your fund.


Another thing which is unique about these products is that they are free from chemical hassles including SLS, SLES, EDTA and parabens. The bottom line is that these products are skin friendly.

So, I have received few products from Thankyou Australia. I have used them thoroughly for a fortnight to come up to a position to review these products.

The Life Changing Body Wash –


This life changing body wash would literally take you to the world of tropical forests and greenery if you were highly imaginative. The sweet smelling Rosewood and botanical geranium  and natural oils does wonders. It actually made me feel to be on the lap of nature .It leaves my skin smooth and sweet smelling after every shower. Lather is pretty good.

Price at Coles – AUD $8.80 (500ml)

You can buy it from here

Thankyou Coffee scrub:


How about smelling the real coffee while exfoliating your skin? The antioxidant rich real coffee granules loaded with the benefits of cold pressed Macadamia Oil go together as birds of feather. I have used it a couple of times now and I really swear by this product. In fact I am planning to buy another piece once the collaboration product is exhausted J It leaves my skin rejuvenated and fresh.


I am strongly recommending this product and this is definitely my current favourite.

Price at Coles – AUD $16.45 (300gm)

You can buy it from here

Thankyou Hand cream


This product has hydrating plant based extracts. I noticed that when I applied the hand cream , it leaves a sweet smell on my hands. But I noticed that my hands did not feel so hydrated and I had a tendency to re apply it again and again. May be it did not go well with my skin L .But every skin is different. I didn’t like the results but may be it would suit your skin. Personally, I would not be recommending this product and hence not giving my readers any links on my blog to buy this one.

Hopefully my review helps you guys. These products come with a nice cause and also great-especially the coffee scrub .Completely in love with this one …



DSC_8252 (1)

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