We are Mediocre…

God created man. Man created innovations and innovations created a 3 tier capability structure – Experts, Mediocre and Poor. This is our story – a story of all those mediocre who are constantly juggling to fit into a secure place of capability between the experts and poor.


Trust me, there is a lot of turmoil here. We constantly try to improve upon our skills. Sometimes we are out beaten by the experts giving a hard blow to our self-confidence and sometimes we are awe struck by ourselves thinking– how far we have come up from where we started. It’s difficult to understand technicalities at one go, it’s difficult to apply the technical details at one go. We fail, we fail harder but there is something that keeps us going – Our Will, our determination to keep on trying what we dreamt of. Yes, we call ourselves mediocre. We are tempted by the ever growing innovations and we put in every single day, every single effort to come closer to our Dream.


The so called “Experts” give us luminescence to strive harder. The whole lot of closed people in the organisation who never want to help us, gives us a learning that if we are closed, we will just limit our growth. We fear stagnancy. So, we learn to mould our attitudes towards being – collaborative, having gratitude and never giving up on our only strength – “Zeal to learn more”


Yes, we prefer to call ourselves as Mediocre – Experts are just “the experts” which literally means no scope for learning any further. We would prefer to still be in the learning phase because we believe that the ocean of knowledge is vast and undefined. We take pride in uplifting the capability of those termed “poorly skilled” – exchanging knowledge does wonders and we get uplifted emotionally and professionally. Respect is earned not achieved by a position in an organisation.


We prefer to be called a Mediocre and earn that respect. We prefer to be at the top most hierarchy of the organization but still work among the associate level resources, because we believe that the problems that we may get to know can be eradicated at the beginning level of the hierarchy. These problems get carried up in the pyramid structure of an organization leading to erroneous results.

We are mediocre and we believe in the fact that before being anything else, we need to be a beginner.


Outfit Details:

Formal Shirt: H&M

Slit Skirt: Kookai

Block Heels – H&M




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