Spicy Affair…

The essence to the Indian cooking is the rich Indian spices that we have. Tiny bits of spices can add aroma and perfect seasoning to our food. There are different Indian spices available in the market.

The problem with the spices available in the market is that they are not 100% pure and even if they are, it leaves a hole in our wallets. So I decided to teach my tribe on how to make Indian spice powders at home at economical costs and which are also 100% pure and alluring.

Also, I have a very personal interest in sharing this content because I have been trying to cook my food with the spice powders available in the Sydney Indian marts. Trust me, they spoil my taste buds that I have attained from Indian food. This persuaded me to learn how to make these spices at home so that I can get closer to the taste I crave for.

Spice powders most common in Indian cooking are Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder, Black pepper Powder and my personal favorite, the Garam Masala powder (blend of Cinnamon, clove and cardamom)

Note: The preparation technique for all these powders is similar except for the Garam Masala Powder.


Preparation: Garam Masala Powder

Preparation time- 8-9minutes

Ratio of spices –

Cinnamon: Cardamom: Clove- 1:1:0.5

In other words, the ratio of Cinnamon and cardamom is almost similar with half the quantity of clove.


The spices cinnamon, clove and cardamom are a negligibly moist but this is enough not to get it properly smashed in your blenders.


Heat a pan and roast the whole spices on slow flame for 2-3 min until you get the slight aroma. This is to make the whole spices dry.

Note: Do not overheat. Overheating may alter the taste. It’s just to make it dry for easy blending.

The Process:

Now spread the roasted spices on a flat surface to cool down. Once the spices are cooled down, transfer it to your blender and swirl it well enough to make a fine powder.

Feel the smell of the rich garam masala you just made.

Preparation: Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder and Black Pepper Powder

Quantity –

Take as much quantity of whole Cumin/whole coriander/whole black pepper as much as you want the respective powder. For example,100gms of whole cumin will yield you 100gms of Cumin powder.

Repeat the roasting process for the same reason mentioned above. After allowing it to cool down, smash it in your blender.

Do write if this helps or at least if I motivated a few lazy folks there for not buying the spice powders from the market and making it all by themselves.

Stay Wao!

– Ayushi.




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