Be the change you want to see!

So I have a Facebook friend-her life just seems perfect! A successful career, great house and a great dressing sense. I love her family vacation pictures. They are just so perfect! How many of us have such Facebook / Instagram friends?

Yes… there you go…Have you ever realized what’s stopping us from KNOWING OUR OWN SELF?

The answer is pretty simple- self comparisons and negative thinking.

Say you are appreciated by your boss at work -You are instantly happy and super thrilled to work even better. The next day was not your day and you did not find your name in the list of “achievers of the quarter” at work. You immediately feel sunken and enter into your own small world of rejections and negativity. After a few days you are promoted to a next level-Now that’s a wao!!

But have you realized-you are somehow not out of the last failure you suffered.

That’s how our bodies are designed to be. Humans are built to forecast failures-What if this happens, What if my plan doesn’t work out?


The day we remove these “What Ifs” from our life, we will be a mentally strong and a more stable person in life. Mental strength is just like physical strength. In order to gain physical strength, we workout at gym, lift heavy weights and flush out those junk food from our lives. Similarly in order to gain the mental stability, we need to practise gratitude and flush out those ifs and buts from our life. If you have an uncomfortable emotion,  don’t go out shopping or catch up with your friends – they are just temporary distractions. Instead feel sad, cry, live the emotion. Now you can make peace with your situation and then just walk out and promise never ever to look back. The time allocated for that emotion is over and out. Dream, make goals, work towards them.

Remember that change is the world and change begins from you!

Outfit Details:

Crop Top: Global Desi

Slit Skirt: Kookai

Embellished Belly Sandils : ASOS

Sunnies : Rubi Shoes


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